Russian cases in comics

Why can't I remember anything?!
What's the ending?
Why is there "nominative" and not "accusative"?
What's the case here?
How do I say this?
Why did I even start learning this language?!
"Hello, friends! Let me invite you to my unique online training "Russian cases in comics", which will quickly change your attitude to the grammar of the Russian language: together with me you will go from hatred to true love for cases."
Author of the training and grammar books, Ph.D. Tanya Semke
Why are cases so important?
It is impossible to speak Russian beautifully and confidently if you do not know / remember poorly / do not understand how to use cases, i.e. how to change different words in different situations. Cases are the face of the Russian language, its key feature. Cases are everywhere! In any shortest Russian phrase you will find some case. Russians change words to convey the subtlest shades of meanings. It is impossible to imagine the Russian language without cases.
Russian cases in comics
Grammar-communicative online training А1 → А2
Based on the latest CIN method (the method of casual illustrated narrative) in teaching the grammar of the RFL and my book "Just look! Russian cases in comics and exercises" I have created a comprehensive online training to help you master one of the most difficult grammatical topics "6 cases" in an exciting form of comics and exercises.
study and effectively memorize the theory
bring the use of cases to automatism
systematize each case and all cases together, so that they never get mixed up in your head again
actively develop confident speech using cases
During the training, we will work comprehensively:
Who is my training for?
For everyone who has already mastered the course 0-A1 and speaks a little Russian
For everyone who has mastered the course of Russian A2, but did not understand well enough how to use cases
For everyone who wants to confidently use cases in real communication
For everyone who has been learning Russian for a long time, but continues to mix up cases
For everyone who learned Russian a long time ago and now wants to remember and systematize all 6 cases in a fascinating way
How does the training work?
20% theory in comics and tables, 80% active practice
You get the whole theory in a simple and colorful form of comics and tables
The teacher carefully checks, corrects and guides you, achieving a complete understanding of each topic
You perform a variety of tasks so that the cases become your best friends
What to expect after the training?
You will clearly understand what cases are, when and how to use them.
You will know exactly in which situations it is necessary to use one or another case.
You will never mix up cases in speech again.
You will be able to correctly change the cases of 3 groups of words: nouns, pronouns, adjectives.
You will stop being afraid of speaking.
You will be fully prepared to master the topic "6 cases" at the next level B1.
Where does the training take place?
How much time do I need?
Will I have a teacher?
Is the training in Russian?
The training is available on the best online platform and in a mobile application
The teacher carefully checks each practical task you have completed, corrects mistakes and helps you to fully understand the topic of each task.
The training lasts 3 months.
You practice 3 times a week for 45 minutes.
Video tutorial viewing - 10 min.
Completing tasks - 35 min.
Video tutorials with theory are available in Rus / Eng / Ita / Chi
All tasks are given in elementary Russian. Communication with the teacher is only in Russian.
How to buy training?
We strive to create an environment for our students in which they can stay, using and developing their Russian language every day.
By purchasing the training, you get not only a comprehensive educational program, but also useful additions to it:

Unlimited access to a private Telegram chat, where you can ask any questions about the Russian language and get quick answers from a professional native teacher
Invitation to our speaking club
3% discount on individual lessons
5% discount on the immersive course "My Russian" (we recommend it to everyone!)
A useful gift from Tanya Semke
Grammar-communicative online training
"Russian cases in comics" А1 → А2
  • Volume: 40 lessons of 45 minutes
  • Duration: 3 months
  • 20% theory and 80% practice
  • Full support: author Tanya Semke
  • Paper book "JUST LOOK! Russian cases in comics and exercises", A2
  • Gift: a set of spinners "JUST SPIN: full declension of nouns, pronouns & adjectives"
  • 5% discounts and special offers
  • Chat in Telegram Q&A
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have any other questions?
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What are cases?
In Russian, the words that answer the questions "Who?", "What?", "Which?", "Whose?" and "How much?" change in different situations.
Кто? – Друг.
Что? – Машина.
Какой? – Любимый.
Чей? – Мой.
Сколько? – Пять.
1.Мой любимый кот завтракает. (Nom.)
2.Я фотографирую моего любимого кота. (Acc.)
3.Я думаю о моём любимом коте. (Prep.)
4.Это фотография моего любимого кота. (Gen.)
5.Я покупаю молоко моему любимому коту. (Dat.)
6.Я живу с моим любимым котом. (Instr.)
6 cases and 6 different forms of one word.
For example: кот, кота, коте, кота, коту, котом.
In these examples, you can see that «мой любимый кот» is in 6 different situations. Is it true that «Мой любимый кот завтракает» and «Я покупаю молоко моему любимому коту» are different situations for the cat? That's why the word "кот" changes. Different forms of the word "кот" show different relations of the cat with people, room, milk, etc. This is the 6 cases!
We must say that we use the same case in different situations.
For example, in the situations «Это мой кот», «Мой кот завтракает»,
«Мне очень нравится мой кот» и «Где мой кот?» you need to use nominative.
The good news is that in these situations, you can only use nominative and you cannot use other cases. The secret of cases is simple: you need to remember all the typical situations in which the Nominative is used, etc.
I'm already waiting for you at my best training. It will be exciting, easy and very useful!
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