What is TRKI or TORFL?
The abbreviation TORFL stands for the Test of Russian As a Foreign Language. This is an international state exam to determine the level of proficiency in Russian (A1-C2). Exam (test) consists of 5 subtests: "Reading", "Vocabulary. Grammar", "Writing", "Listening", "Speaking".

The presence of a TORFL certificate is an absolute advantage when applying for employment in Russia, as well as in international companies working with Russia or CIS countries.

The TORFL certificate will be useful for those who plan to study at a Russian university in Russian. To obtain Russian citizenship, it is also necessary to have such a certificate.

Preparation for TORFL

Why to take the TORFL?
Elementary level (ТЭУ / A1)
In order to show mom or your Russian wife. It is also an occasion to brag to friends. It dramatically increases self-esteem!
Basic level (ТБУ/ A2)
For obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation or employment in the service sector to work with clients from Russia.
The first level (TRKI-I / B1)
For entering a Russian university.
The second level (TRKI-II / B2)
To obtain a bachelor's and/or master's degree after graduating from a Russian university. This level allows you to conduct professional activities in Russian as a specialist in the humanities, engineering and natural sciences.
The third level (TRKI-III / C1)
This level allows you to conduct professional activities in Russian as a philologist, translator, editor, journalist, diplomat; to conduct professional activities in a Russian-speaking team.
The fourth level (TRKI-IV/ C2)
It is necessary to obtain a specialist's diploma and a master's degree in Russian philology, candidate of philological sciences, as well as candidate of pedagogical sciences for teaching and research activities in the field of the Russian language.
The average cost of the TORFL
Examination Cost in rubles
Online Examination Cost in rubles
Elementary level (ТЭУ / A1)
Basic level (ТБУ/ A2)
The first level (TRKI-I / B1)
The second level (TRKI-II / B2)
The third level (TRKI-III / C1)
The fourth level (TRKI-IV/ C2)
Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that now you can take the TORFL online, at home! If you are ready and want to take the exam, then our partners, the Language Testing Center of St. Petersburg University is ready to hold the exam at any time convenient for you!
At our school, you can prepare for testing at any level. Our experienced teachers have been preparing students for the TORFL exam since 2016.

To get to know the teacher and discuss the issues you are interested in, book a paid consultation.
How to prepare for the TORFL?
Depending on your temperament, level of self-organization and "relationship" with the Russian language, we can offer you three training options:
Individually with а teacher
By yourself
On a special online course
Prepare for TORFL with a teacher
As many lessons as you personally need.
At the very first lesson, an experienced teacher will determine which aspects of the language you should pay attention to (oral communication, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, understanding of textual information, the ability to transmit information in writing).
An experienced teacher will make an individual training program for you. For someone, one month is enough to prepare for the TORFL, while for others it will be more useful to devote much more time to preparation.
At the end of the training course, you will be able to take a trial exam with an experienced examiner who will not only prepare you psychologically, pre-assess your level of readiness for the exam, but also give valuable practical advices.
You will study with a teacher one-on-one online. The average cost of one lesson is $20.
To get acquainted with the teacher, take a trial mini-test and discuss all the questions you are interested in, fill out the form and get a paid consultation.
Online intensive training course for TORFL
16 most useful lessons + trial TORFL
We offer you an intensive online training for TORFL from Anastasia Slavina, an experienced teacher-tester.
Anastasia has been a TORFL examiner for many years and knows everything about how best to prepare for this exam. Thanks to Anastasia, over the past 8 years, more than 600 people have successfully passed TORFL and received certificates of various levels.
Using her rich experience, Anastasia has created intensive online courses for the successful passing of the exam at any level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
During the course you will complete intensive preparation for the test (exam) in the Russian language (TORFL) with a special attention to the "Writing" and "Speaking".
You will learn how to properly allocate time on the exam
Learn about auxiliary techniques when performing tasks
Prepare for the exam psychologically and technically
Together with an experienced teacher-tester, you will prepare for all 5 subtests: "Reading", "Vocabulary. Grammar", "Writing", "Listening", "Speaking":
✔ you will work out the writing and speaking skills necessary to pass the exam
✔ increase the vocabulary, according to the level
✔ learn to understand the spoken grammatical aspects of the language
✔ learn how to work correctly with authentic texts in Russian
✔ learn how to write letters and essays correctly (friendly and business - for B 2+)
✔ learn how to respond quickly and correctly to the remarks of the interlocutor (tester)
✔ learn to confidently take part in a conversation on any topic (according to the level).
Online course of intensive preparation for the TORFL exam
  • One-on-one with the teacher
  • 16 lessons of 60 minutes
  • Elaboration of 5 subtests
  • Trial exam with checking
    (4 hours)
  • For levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
  • Course language: Russian
+ Registration for the online exam
+ + Private chat with the teacher in Telegram
Bonus 1. At the end of the course, you will take a trial test (4 hours), completely repeating the real TORFL, in order to prepare for the exam psychologically and get valuable advice from an experienced teacher-examiner.
Bonus 2. Up to the beginning of the exam, an experienced teacher-examiner Anastasia Slavina will always be in touch in Telegram to quickly answer any of your questions.
The secret of success
The success story of our student Yoshiki Eto.
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, a new student appeared at our school, Yoshiki Eto from Barcelona. Yoshiki immediately became actively involved in a variety of programs: pronunciation improvement training, general language development course, speaking club, grammar webinars...

Despite his personal employment and responsible work (scientist), Yoshiki always tried to do all the tasks as well as possible. For 3 years, Yoshiki has never canceled a single lesson and has not missed a single speaking club session. Once he even joined a conversation session right from the customs control at Barcelona airport!

All other students of our school treat Yoshiki with great respect and often admit that he is an example for them.

As Yoshiki himself admits, the secret of his success is in regularity. In March 2023, he successfully passed the online TORFL exam and received a B2 level certificate!

Congratulations! We are proud and always ready to support you in achieving new goals!
Self-preparation for the TORFL
If you want to prepare for the TORFL yourself, then we would like to support you in this bold decision and share important information with you.
You can join our private chat in Telegram. There you will be able to ask questions about the Russian language in preparation for the exam and receive quick answers from our professional native teachers.
To get access to the free private chat, please fill out the form.
Useful videos about TORFL
Watch the videos from our partners, the Language Testing Center.
Books for preparation
If you want to prepare for the TORFL yourself, then we recommend using the following books:
Frequently Asked Questions
If you still have questions about the TORFL, please write to us and we will try to help you!
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