We are convinced that the Russian language is fully ready to become one of the main languages of international communication again. Our efforts are aimed at teaching foreigners the Russian language in an effective technological form, taking into account the latest social demand."
Tanya Semke, the founder and head of the Smart Russian school
The main features and principles of our work:
modern approach to the organization of the learning process
technological approach to teaching
differentiation of educational products based on the national and demographic factors
adaptability and combinativeness of educational products
permanent quality control of students' progress
involving only professional RFL teachers
flexibility and mobility in providing educational services to universities and companies
Smart Russian Language School for foreigners is open for cooperation with Russian and foreign universities, state organizations and business companies in the field of teaching Russian to adults.
Example of cooperation:
In 2023-2024, two joint projects of the Smart Russian school and state universities in Russia and Europe will start. Smart Russian school together with the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute (Russia) and the University of Bergamo (Italy) are launching special projects of additional education called "Grammar and communication online training Russian cases in comics.

The aim of the project is to provide university students with an additional opportunity to systematize and strengthen their knowledge in the field of grammar and develop the ability to freely apply the acquired grammatical skills in active communication.
Our specialization
in teaching Russian language to foreigners
teaching adults general knowledge of Russian as a foreign language (0-From 2)
express language training
specialized training
distance and mixed language training
  • grammar-communication trainings
  • Russian for business communication
  • Russian for engineers
  • Russian for doctors
  • Russian for migrant workers from the CIS
corporate language training
individual training
preparation for TORFL
Our team
Tanya Semke
The founder of the Smart Russian school. PhD in teaching Russian as a foreign language, the author of the method of casual illustrated narrative in the organization of RFL training, the author of books and courses on the Russian language for foreigners. Working languages: Russian, English, French, Italian.
Anastasia Slavina
The official representative of the Smart Russian school in South Korea. Russian teacher in the Korean Academy of Foreign Languages Edure, official representative of more than 20 South Korean universities in Russia.
Anna Hong
The Regional director of the Smart Russian School in Shanghai, China.
Linda Torresin
The official representative of the Smart Russian school in the EU countries.
Ph.D. Researcher at the Department of Slavic Studies of the University of Padua.
Coordinator of the Italian interuniversity research group RiDRU (Research on Teaching Russian at the University).
To discuss your cooperation ideas, you can contact us in any way convenient for you:
Smart Russian in China
In the fall of 2022, our branch opened in Shanghai, China.
Shanghai Xiweiyue education technology Co. LTD
To universities in China
We provide additional language training services for students of Chinese universities studying Russian:
grammar trainings for A1, A2 and B1
pronunciation trainings (correction)
The purpose of our work in Chinese universities is to create additional opportunities for Chinese students for high-quality and timely systematization, as well as mastery of the Russian language grammar at levels A1-B1 with the withdrawal of students into confident active communication
To companies in China
We provide express language training services for Chinese citizens in a remote format:
training "from scratch"
training and preparation for the TORFL
employee language training
group and individual language training
The purpose of working with companies is to provide express training of employees in the Russian language focused on a specific practical result, as well as preparation for the TORFL and organization of the exam itself.
To discuss your cooperation ideas,
you can contact us in any way convenient for you:
Our partners
For collaboration:
Smart Russian Language School

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