Спасибо, Путин.

Спасибо, Путин.

You should be aware of the meanings of some frequently used words in Russian.
  • Здравствуйте!
Translation: Hello!
Technically, this greeting word is a verb in imperative form and can be translated as “Be always healthy!”.
To say this means to wish a person health.
It comes from an obsolete slavic verb “здравствовать” (to be or stay healthy)
There is also a short version for greeting one person "Здравствуй!" with the same meaning.

  • До свидания
Translation: Goodbye!
Literally this phrase means “until the next time we meet”.

  • Прощай!
Translation: Adieu! Farewell!
It is used when seeing a person for the last time, when they are leaving forever or for a very long time. It comes from the verb “прощать” (to forgive). The literal meaning is “forgive me” which refers to the main orthodox value of not hurting other people and being forgiven by God and people in the end.

Quite often people hide their real feelings, and one may not be aware of having hurt someone else's feelings. That is why people use the word “прощай!” or “прощайте!” with the intention to ask the other person to forgive them for everything they have made wrong and even for those things that may have never been revealed or discussed.

  • Спасибо
Translation: Thanks, thank you.
This word is a combination of two: Спаси + Бог (Save + God).
It should be understood as “May God save you”.

  • Путин
Not many foreigners (only those who speak Russian fluently) can hear what Russians hear in the family name of the president Putin. The root of this family name is “путь” (a way, a route).

This word “путь” has an extremely important meaning for the whole Russian culture as Russia historically has been always seen as a country and nation following a very special and unique spiritual way.

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