Lesson 2/50
In this lesson you're going to learn to read
and say simple sentences!
Listen attentively, repeat out loud
and don't forget to enjoy it !
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Full course program
  • Yourself and others
    • Personality
    • Profession, Studies and Job
    • Interests and Tastes
    • Activities and Routine
  • World around
    • Family and friends
    • Home country and travelling
    • First time in Russia
    • Weather and Climate
    • Money and Shopping
  • Everyday life topics
    • Food and Health
    • Hobbies
    • Clothes
    • Events
    • Internet communications
  • Grammar minimum
    • 3 genders
    • Singular and Plural of nouns, pronouns and adjectives
    • 2 verb groups conjugation
    • The 6 cases
    • Numerals 0 - 1000
    • Verbs of motion
    • Present, Future and Past tenses
Russian Beginner
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