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What do those lucky people who have already
watched this webinar say?
David Bull
Humble roots, USA, Meine
This was my third attempt to learn Russian and it was the only one which succeeded. Other teachers I tried couldn't seem to connect with the way I needed to be taught. I see progress in my Russian every day.
Veronica Jarrin
I think that classes with Tanya Semke helped me a lot to feel more confident in the conversation.
I am pleased that my teacher corrects my mistakes during classes.
Tanya gives me an available schedule.
My teacher always exceeds my expectations.
I love that Tanya is an expert in teaching, and she has her own teaching material.
Adel Zaptia
Great Britain
My review for Smart Russian: 5/5
I have been having lessons with Tanya for several months. I am very happy with our lessons and my progress. I already feel a great improvement.
She is a very professional and experienced teacher, who pays careful attention to my language and helps correct all my mistakes, which I need.

She gives me great structure to my learning and regularly keeps me busy with homework tasks. Most of all she explains very clearly many of the difficult and subtle aspects of the language, which you cannot find in student books or by yourself.

I realised that Russian is not a language that you can study alone. Even most native speakers can't explain how the language works. That is why it's very important to have a professional teacher.
Luigi Federico
Istruttrice molto disponibile e attenta alle linee guida. Sono soddisfatto delle sue lezioni e del modo di apprendimento. Consigliatissima
Steffen K.Rafdal
Sasha Fedoseeva is genuinely a great teacher that will help you learn Russian as long as you're willing to put in the work required. And I can honestly say she makes more of an effort than I have ever done for my lessons. Even when I wanted to give up learning and just spend the remaining lessons speaking English (due to my full schedule making it hard to study), she refused to make it "easy" and made me study during the lessons. In the end she single handedly gave me back...
Hussain Alghrew
Kindom of Saudi Arabia
Hello there! My name is Hussein from Saudi Arabia.
Today I want to share with you about my experience in learning the Russian language well, first you need to know that I have a bachelor's degree in Russian, where I got it in 2009 in my country, however, I noticed that I speak Russian poorly because in my city I do not practice Russian with Russian people, and as you know at that time there are no social networks where they help us in communicating with Russian teachers.
Thank God now we can communicate and learn more easily, so I registered in Smart Russian to improve my level in Russian, especially during speaking, Russian Russian is something I understand well, but I don't speak Russian well. First I registered in the online practical course and every day I studied Russian in different topics with Tanya for a month, then I took an individual course 3 times a week I communicate with Tanya.
Tanya is a wonderful teacher, she always helps me and motivates me to develop better, and indeed after 2 months I noticed my development. I have become more confident (happyface) now I can speak better than before and soon I will become a tourist guide thanks to Smart Russian.
Berk Erel
Hello, the course was excellent for me. Katya Ustinova was very helpful and understanding. Also she was very flexible in terms of methods and topics i wanted to learn. 10/10 for the people who knows what they want to learn.
Kia Amini
Dear Katya, this year has left behind only the best memories... You have been the best and most sympathetic teacher in my life. Thank you for your work, I hope that in the future I will achieve success and become such a person that you will be proud of me. You are very dear to me and I wish you all the best.
Speaker: Tanya Semke
- Co-founder and headteacher of the largest online school for Russian - Smart Russian

- Speaks four languages: Russian, English, French and Italian

- Author of the famous visual Russian grammar book JUST LOOK: the 6 Russian cases in comics, A2

- Author of the best-selling grammar charts JUST SPIN: full declension of nouns, pronouns & adjectives.

- Author of high-quality intensive online courses for perfect Russian pronunciation
which have helped over 15 000 students to speak Russian confidently

- Among Tanya's students there are top managers from international companies, such as Mercedes Benz, Bank Societe Generale, Novo Nordisk and others.
Dear friends!
Our mission is to make learning Russian as simple as possible for you.

We want to help people all over the world enjoy speaking Russian and communicating with Russian people.
Tanya Semke,
headteacher of Smart Russian school
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