Practise Russian with us
to become fluent soon!
Practise Russian with us for 15 min/day
and very soon you'll speak like none of those
who practise it alone.
"My Russian" course
"Smart Russian" language school invites you
to the new and upgraded "My Russian" course.
This is an intensive practical online course
with the main goal to get you speaking freely and with confidence.
The key thing in learning is to simply do things without letting yourself
worry too much about possibly being wrong.
Doing little practices you'll be consistently developing
all the necessary language skills day by day.
You will speak a lot in this course and get immediate
teacher feedback on your speaking and other skills.

Please, do not worry about not being able to find time or motivation.
Your teacher and the other participants,
together with your own everyday little progress
will give you a strong and always growing motivation.
Believe us, this is exactly what has been happening
in all the previous groups of "My Russian" course.

You will be in a small chat with other
Russian learners of same level (A2+ or B1+).
Every morning you'll receive a new small practical task
to complete and return to the teacher done within 24 h.
You'll have 6 different, highly engaging tasks in one week,
none of which will take you more than half an hour a day.
If you do all the 6 tasks during a week, then every next one
you'll have a one-on-one online lesson
with the teacher to work together on your progress.

At this time the number of participants in each group
is limited.
You can book and purchase the course at the best price now.
Подарки + Уроки + 15 мин/день = Прогресс!
"My Russian" week program
Each week
you'll get new enjoyable and highly engaging tasks
within this smart program
Listening and Speaking
Watching, Listening and Speaking
Grammar practice and Speaking
Grammar revision
Reading and Speaking
Watching, Writing and Speaking
One 45-min individual lesson with a teacher (bonus)
Мотивация + 15 минут / день = Прогресс!
Some of your common worries...
You can make audio records to complete speaking tasks
If you don't feel like making videos of yourself speaking
You can follow the course by email

If you dislike using your mobile phone too much
You'll always have 24h to complete a 15-min task

If you worry about having a busy schedule
You won't be on our school social media

If you don't want us to show your best videos to other Russian learners as motivation
What skills will be improved?
People who don't hear will never speak. Speaking is our natural response to hearing. You might have noticed that every time after listening practice you immediatly start speaking more fluently and confindently. That is our brain's natural functioning, and that is why you're going to listen to different types of audio records a lot in this course.
Reading is an extremely important practice. But not just passive reading and underlining! In this course you'll work with modern texts in various effective ways to make useful, authentic vocabulary and syntax part of your Russian.
The most difficult and uncomfortable things are the shortcut to fluency. Being a physical activity, writing helps to better imprint things in our mind. You won't write too much though. You'll only do it as a supporting practice for more comfortable speaking.
Don't you agree that speaking is our most precious and powerfull skill? However, for some people it's easier than everything else, while for others it can be a nightmare. With us, you're going to practise active speaking at least 4 times a week, because you can start speaking beautifully only through speaking regularly.
They say Russian grammar is illogical. That's not entirely true though. In the full course A2+ you will be surprised by how logical and clear the 6 Russian cases can be. You'll study and practise their usage with all the four word types: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and numerals. Also you will work on verbs of motion with their 15 prefixes. In the level B1+ group you'll work on Perfective and Imperfective verb aspects together with no-subject sentences.
Tests are the fastest and most efficient method of recalling what you're learning in order to avoid illusions of competence. So in the course you'll do tests every week to check if something needs more of your attention. You'll do official training tests from the TORFL (The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language), which will be even more useful for you in case you're planning to take one.
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"My Russian" course

A2 + ________ B1 + _______ B2+
Выбрав тарифный план, вы сможете выбрать, к
какой группе уровня присоединиться!

1 month
28 days of engaging practice
1 day €0.6

START: 1 September '20

Everyday motivation.
Engaging 15-min tasks.

Immediate personalized feedback
from your teacher.

2 grammar webinars

*no individual lessons
*no discounts on additional optional courses

I take course !
You should practise with us, if :
If you're too busy to self study
You should practise with us if you have a plenty of different things to do during the day, that hold you away from Russian practice.
If you love smart studying
You should practise with us if you love studying a little bit every day and getting outstanding results in return.
If you don't have a strong motivation
You should practise with us if you love Russian, but for some reason you keep saying "Ok, tomorrow I'll do it". We promise we know how to get you doing it today.
If you love flexibility
You should practise with us if you enjoy studying anywhere you want. To spend 15 min a day on your Russian, you can do that anywhere with just your smart phone!
Who works for you in this course?
We strongly believe that the most efficient way
to learn Russian language is to practise it with native certified teachers.
Tanya Semke and Katya Ustinova, our Smart Russian teachers have elaborated their intensive training courses for online groups A2+ and B1+ with highly engaging everyday tasks, enjoyable texts, and videos.
Tanya Semke
Smart Russian teacher
Tanya's been teaching Russian since 2016. She's the author of the Visual Russian grammar JUST LOOK book and the JUST SPIN interactive declension charts. Her students are executive managers from Novo Nordisk, Delta Credit bank and Societe Generale bank. Tanya speaks English, French and Italian.
Дорогие друзья, спасибо, что Вы учите наш непростой язык! Я знаю, как трудно учиться самостоятельно - всегда не хватает мотивации и дисциплины!
Я подготовила для Вас хорошую программу А2+: красивые современные песни и тексты, интересные небольшие фильмы, падежи и глаголы движения (the cases and verbs of motion). Жду всех в группе "My Russian А2+" !
Katya Ustinova
Smart Russian teacher
Katya's been teaching Russian since 2016. She has worked as a Russian teacher
in Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, in Academy of Labor and Social Relations, in I.M. Sechenov First and Third Moscow State Medical Universities.
Katya speaks English, Turkish and Persian.
Всем привет! Давно учите русский язык, но не хватает мотивации? Хотите узнать больше слов и повторить грамматику? Тогда жду вас в группе "My Russian B1+".
Я подготовила для вас интересную программу. Каждый день будут разные задания: песни, фильмы, и даже мемы! Повторим такую непростую тему как виды глагола (perfective and imperfective verbs), рассмотрим безличные предложения и поработаем над словарным запасом. До встречи!
You'll definitely improve your Russian, because:
Everyday motivation
You're not going to be able to skip a task or do it carelessly. Together with teachers' support, a well-structured program pushes you towards your fluency in Russian every single day. Once started, you'll follow your own progress.
Engaging tasks
We hate boring traditional books just as much as probably you do. So we have something really interesting for you to do every day. You'll watch modern short films, listen to contemporary Russian songs, read enjoyable texts, and do many other things.
Noticeable improvement of Russian
Studying alone you may suffer from not knowing what to read or watch, not to mention the infamous shortage of motivation and self-discipline. Unlike in your self-studying, with us you'll improve all of your skills day by day through our engaging program. You'll work consistently on all of the language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
Immediate teacher feedback
It's a real teacher, not a bot, who reviews your everyday work and, together with corrections, gives you precious personal recommendations on how to do better. Having done all the tasks of a week you'll have a 45-min lesson each week to discuss your progress with the teacher.
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