Learn and Travel in Moscow
20 - 25 July 2020
Live a disruptive, authentic, and highly efficient Russian language immersion in Moscow... see all iconic places and communicate with locals while learning Russian in a manner you've never imagined.

We call it the "Moscow flow" immersive quest as you are not a shy visitor with a camera anymore. Instead, you're constantly in a situation when you learn Russian and practise it right away with complete strangers in the street, food markets, and even banya!

You'll see the beauty of Moscow, talk to Russians everywhere, and drastically progress in the Russian language!

The nearest "Moscow flow" immersive quest is
20 - 25 July 2020 !
Be ready to
open your mind, speak Russian to strangers on the very first day, and enjoy the flow of one of the world's most beautiful capitals
  • With the flow
    With the bright, funny, and young Russian teacher Katya Ustinova, you'll be in a group of 5 - 12 people doing things, quite unusual for typical city tourists... We won't ask you to go illegal, just a bit more relaxed than usual.
  • Iconic places won't be missed
    You'll see the beauty of this clean, safe, and friendly capital. With the guide and teacher, you'll immerse into the iconic places like Red Square, the Kremlin territory, churches and convents, local food markets, and even a cemetery!
  • Language is something natural
    You'll speak Russian to locals from the very first day and be constantly learning new grammar and vocabulary while visiting different places, having meals, and going shopping.
    After 6 days you'll be leaving Moscow with remarkable communicative skills and definitely proud of yourself.
  • You'll eat what locals eat
    Russians today are not those old-fashioned people from TV. You'll eat in modern food markets with a great variety of different national cuisines. Many bars and music clubs are open all night and always full with chilling locals and foreigners. And don't forget that 1 euro = 73 rubles now!
The nearest "Moscow flow" immersive quest is
20 - 25 July 2020 !
We've always wanted to make an effective learn & travel Moscow tour for open-minded young souls. "Moscow flow" immersive quest is a type of tour I'd personally love to go on. It's a tour for people who hate being bored or boring. It's an organized, well-planned adventure in which you learn Russian, meet locals and feel free like a teenager if not a child again!
Tanya Semke
Smart Russian language school CEO
My everyday work at Immersion in Russia is building bridges between cultures and countries. We create our tours to make the world discover its biggest unknown country. Just like Siberia is more than a frozen step, Moscow is more than Kremlin for us. On this "Moscow flow" tour we'll make you experience much more than traditional Moscow photo zones.
Remi Renaudie
Immersion in Russia development manager
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"Moscow flow" immersive quest
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