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Our teachers
"We teach Russian because we want to professionally support people in their Russian language journey"
Tanya Semke
Teaching Russian since 2016.
Author of the Visual Russian grammar JUST LOOK book.
Author of the JUST SPIN interactive charts.
Students: executive managers from Novo Nordisk, Delta Credit bank and Societe Generale bank.
Speaks English, French, and Italian.
Katya Ustinova
Teaching Russian since 2016.
Previously worked as a Russian teacher
in Pushkin State Russian Language Institute,
in Academy of Labor and Social Relations, and in I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.
Speaks English, Turkish, and Persian.
Sasha Fedoseeva
Teaching Russian since 2018.
Previously worked as a Russian teacher
for the biggest language school chain, Alibra.
Sasha is famous for being eager to lead students to a remarkable progress as well as for being compassionate and accurate.
Speaks English and French.
Merve Dogan
Teaching Russian since 2015. Previously worked in different language schools in Moscow.
PHD research on Russian and Turkish reflexive verbs. Also works as an interpreter for Turkish companies in Moscow.
Merve is focused on teaching Russian to Turkish students.
Speaks Turkish, Russian, and English.
Спасибо, что вы учите русский!
Thank you for learning Russian!
What to expect from studying
at Smart Russian?
Remember, we care
You'll learn Russian without pain! Instead you'll enjoy young enthousiastic teachers focused on your personal success. We do not waist our time waisting time of anybody else. We really do want both teachers and students to succeed.
We assort only the best studying programs that will work for you personally. Our technics were designed to help us make sure you leave the lesson not only with a knowledge of theory but with a certain practical skill. That's how the whole process gets dynamic and fruitful!
Study smarter not harder
We work a lot so you could truly enjoy learning our language. We create and provide you with smart studying materials which can save you plenty of time and energy!
You will easily and quickly learn the hardest grammar in the world!
How is this possible?
We present the infamous 6 Russian cases in short, colorful comics - so your only job is
to enjoy a short story and do some exercises to practise it!
We have created JUST SPIN - pocket-size interactive circles for all types of declension.
And much more...

The more you stay with us the more opportunities you get. Discounts on all types of programs and studying products, special offers and prevelegues.
Our Smart Russian school is not only a language school but first of all a community of bright people who travel the world constantly learning new things. Smart Russian students are those who highly value their time, and this is why we do our best to fulfil their expectations.
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