Lesson 1/50
In this lesson you're going to learn some
common greetings and the Alphabet!
Listen attentively, repeat out loud and don't forget
to enjoy it !
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  • Practise the Alphabet and the Greetings
    Please, make sure you've practised the Alphabet and all of the phrases you've learnt today for the next lesson. Repeat this material several times to learn easier the next part of information.
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Full course program
  • Yourself and others
    • Personality
    • Profession, Studies and Job
    • Interests and Tastes
    • Activities and Routine
  • World around
    • Family and friends
    • Home country and travelling
    • First time in Russia
    • Weather and Climate
    • Money and Shopping
  • Everyday life topics
    • Food and Health
    • Hobbies
    • Clothes
    • Events
    • Internet communications
  • Grammar minimum
    • 3 genders
    • Singular and Plural of nouns, pronouns and adjectives
    • 2 verb groups conjugation
    • The 6 cases
    • Numerals 0 - 1000
    • Verbs of motion
    • Present, Future and Past tenses
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