Intensive Russian course
4 steps to Russian
4 steps to start reading and writing in Cyrillic,
ask and answer 20 important questions, discover grammar basics & learn 100 useful words and phrases
About the course 4 steps to Russian
You need this course if you've been thinking of learning Russian, but for some reason, you have not started it yet. This course is a good chance to start speaking and finally decide if Russian is what you really need.
Fee for the course
14 days
Course duration
25 min/day
Required amount of time
6 lectures,
3 individual
Course program
Do your best on the final mini test
and win the full basic course
of 50 video lectures!
What exactly you will do
Step 1
Step 1
Watch 20-min video lectures
Every two days you will watch short, but highly informative video lectures on a special learning platform. The lectures are in Eng.
Step 2
Step 2
Do practical tasks in your electronic textbook
You will learn a lot from the video lectures, based on the most recent textbook "Privet, Rossiya!". After each of the 6 video lectures you will have two days to complete 2-5 practical exercises in your own electronic interactive textbook.
You will have the access to your electronic book for one year after the course ends!
Step 3
Step 3
Practise one-on-one with a teacher
Your success is our responsibility. This is why you will have 3 individual lessons with a native teacher.
There's nothing better in learning than an individual practice with a professional teacher, focused on your personal progress.
Experienced native teachers will support you and help to direct your efforts in the most efficient way.

Step 4
Step 4
Win the complete course
Yes, after your intensive start, we want to help you to complete the entire basic course!
Do your best on the final mini test, give 80-100% of correct answers and stay on the full course of 50 video lectures FOR FREE!

  • Reza Shakeri
    on his 1st lesson
    Really? Is it that easy? I thought it was super difficult to read in Cyrillic! And now I'm reading and actually saying something that makes sense...
What you'll learn
In 14 days you'll learn to read and write in Cyrillic, ask and answer 20 common questions,
discover grammar basics and start using 100 important words and phrases
Learn to read
There're 33 letters, only 10 of which some students may find difficult to pronounce. Everything else only needs half an hour of a focused practice and repetition.

Russian is not a phonetic language, so you will learn the 3 fundamental phonetic rules wich are the key to a beautiful accent.
  1. The rule of Stress
  2. The rule of Phonetic Harmony
  3. The rule of Phonetic Alternation
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Learn to ask and answer the most important questions
How to ask and answer 20 most common basic questions like
  • "How is it in Russian?"
  • "What is this?"
  • "What's your name?"
  • "What do you do in life?"
  • "How do you do?"
and many other questions and possible answers
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Learn 100 useful words and phrases
A big journey starts with small steps. You will learn 100 useful common words and phrases that you will definitely impress the Russians with.
  • Important first dialogues
  • Professions, Food, Nature, Transport
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Complete the 4-month course for free
Yes, we offer this opportunity to all of you! Do your best on the final mini test and finish the rest of the course (44 more video lectures, textbook and curator support) FOR FREE !
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Intensive mini course for beginners
Please, be sure you'll get 100% of our expertise and support
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Who work for you
  • Tanya Semke
    Teacher, curator
  • Sasha Fedoseeva
    Teacher, curator
  • Yulia Bazan
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