JUST LOOK! Russian cases in comics and exercises А2 → В1

An innovative grammar textbook that allows you to effectively systematize Russian cases at the level A1-A2 and develop confident grammatical and communication skills at the A2 level. Allows you to form a clear idea of the case system, which is necessary for further development of this topic.
Ideal for working in a group.
Suitable for self-study.

Read more: An innovative textbook based on the method of casual illustrated narrative (CIN). It contains fascinating comics illustrating the use of basic case models at the A1–A2 level; tables summarizing the situations of use for each case; various tasks for activating cases in speech; tables for the formation of case forms of nouns, adjectives, pronouns and numerals, as well as keys.

The textbook can be used in lessons with students who do not know anything about cases, do not understand when and how to use them, or learned Russian a long time ago and want to remember and systematize basic knowledge about the case system.
The book has a video instruction for students on how to use it, an instruction for teachers and a bonus video tutorial with access by QR codes.

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Author: Tanya Semke
Cover: paperback
Volume: 104 p.
ISBN: 978-5-907493-49-0
Published: 2022 
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