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Educational complex "Dialog" (elementary level). It is designed for 80-120 hours of studying and is addressed primarily to adults who study Russian for practical purposes, as well as for foreigners who want to adapt to the Russian-speaking environment as quickly as possible.

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The communicative-oriented manual will help foreign students to master the skills of speaking Russian in a short time and successfully apply them in everyday communication situations: with friends and colleagues, at work and in public places, in formal and informal situations.
Students will be able to get acquainted, make an order at a restaurant, shop in a store, schedule a business and friendly meeting, accept or refuse an invitation, maintain a conversation on topics such as "Family", "Work", "Hobbies", "Tastes", "Vacation and holidays", "Trips", "Plans" and other. 

Authors: Svetlana Konshina, Elena Marjina
Cover: paperback
Volume: 191 p.
ISBN: 978-5-904287-77-1
Published: 2018
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