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About the Russian Beginner course
Russian Beginner interactive online course is based on the most recent, newest and most efficient Russian textbook. You will be learning Russian grammar easily, while discovering modern Russia and putting yourself into typical situations of communication with Russian people. After finishing this course you'll be able to talk about your interests, tastes, habits and plans; you'll be able to shop, order food and communicate with Russian people on a sufficiant basic level while visiting Russia.

There're 50 pre-recorded video lessons which open one by one on a special platform every two days within a period of 4 months.
Every Mon, Wed and Fri at 8 a.m. GMT+3 you'll be getting an access to a new video lessons with a teacher showing and explaining to you the visual material of the electronic textbook.
You will watch 25-min video lessons, do enjoyable exercises in your interactive electronic textbook.

For those people who love learning languages with a teacher, there is an option of having 15 or 30 individual online lessons with a teacher to provide yourself with our individual support for a more intensive and efficient learining.
You will have individual lessons regularly so you can be sure you're getting everything right and doing right.

No worries about making mistakes when studying on your own as the textbook gives an immediate auto correction. You will also be able to address any of your questions to the online teacher-curator who will be there for 12 months from the first day to support you.

Even though all the video lessons open in a period of 4 months, you will have an access to them for 12 months from the day of enrollment.
All that means that you will be able to follow the course at your own comfortable pace without worring about any "school schedule".
As a nice bonus you'll get an audiobook in Russian for a listening practice.
Russian Beginner course
will be the best for
  • Beginners
    We'll start from the Alphabet and learn the most important parts of the Russian language to get you speaking and reading in Russian in already
    4 months.
    In the end of the course you will be able to understand and maintain basic conversations in situations of travelling, meeting people, shopping and many other.
    This course prepares you for a real life and experience in Russian-speaking countries.
  • Busy people
    If you're a busy person you probably need a flexible schedule to succeed in Russian. This course is super flexible as you can watch video lessons whenever it's comfortable for you, do smart exercises with auto correcion and keys in your electronic interactive book.
    You will only need your device and headphones.
    Together with an online teacher-curator answering all of your questions your success is garanteed.
  • Smart learners
    This course is the most recent authentic course for beginners. It is the first interactive course, which means you can play audio files right inside the lesson and type your answers right in the electronic book.
    You don't need to wait for a teacher to correct you as your electronic book has an autocorrection.
    During the whole course there's a curator to answer any of your questions.

What exactly you'll learn
  • Yourself and others
    • Personality
    • Profession, Studies and Job
    • Interests and Tastes
    • Activities and Routine
  • World around
    • Family and friends
    • Home country and travelling
    • First time in Russia
    • Weather and Climate
    • Money and Shopping
  • Everyday life topics
    • Food and Health
    • Hobbies
    • Clothes
    • Events
    • Internet communications
  • Grammar minimum
    • 3 genders
    • Singular and Plural of nouns, pronouns and adjectives
    • 2 verb groups conjugation
    • The 6 cases
    • Numerals 0 - 1000
    • Verbs of motion
    • Present, Future and Past tenses
How you'll be studying
Watch video lessons
50 video lessons, based on the most recent electronic textbook,
will be appearing on Mon, Wed and Fri 8 am GMT+3 on the Smart Russian school learning ptaform.
In these 50 theoretical lessons a professional native teacher
will teach you Russian language in a basic,
easy understandable English, without using heavy linguistical terms.
Do exercises after each lesson
Every lesson in this course is a well-balanced combination of theory and practice.
You'll be doing interesting practical exercises of listening, reading and writing right inside your electronic textbook which has an innovative option of autocorrection.
Get help from your curator
A professional native curator will be there during the whole course to answer your questions and clarify complicated topics for you, in case you don't get it well enough from the video lesson or you have difficulties while doing practical exercises in the book.
Individual lessons with your teacher
You can add 15 or 30 individual 45-min lessons with a professional native teacher to your studying plan to make sure you're doing everything perfectly correctly at every step.
We advise you to schedule a lesson with a teacher after every
third video lesson.
Russian Beginner
interactive online course

All the packages are 100% refundable within 30 days
Basic plan
80 lessons
Monthly cost €95

The course fee can be paid
in 4 monthly payments of €95
We work for you
  • Tanya Semke
    Teacher, curator
  • Sasha Fedoseeva
    Teacher, curator
  • Yulia Bazan
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